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I’ve had hsv1 orally since I can remember, my partner tested positive for Hsv2 10 years ago. My test only show hsv1. She’s had 3 outbreaks in the last ten years a small bump at the top of her butt, me never. Has my hsv1 antibodies lower my test results so I don’t show positive for hsv2 or am I negative?

  • I’ve never tested positive for hsv2 only hsv1.

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Aug 28, 2018
  • Posted on Sep 03, 2018


    HSV-1 is commonly known as oral herpes and HSV-2 is usually genital herpes. Both strains of herpes could spread orally and genitally. The human body o... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Sep 08, 2018


    Tell me something I don’t already know

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